Wednesday, 21 July 2010

MICRO FINANCE - Arriba Ya (a new departure)

"Micro Finance" and "Micro Economic Development" are popular catch words these days. But they were unknown in 1975 when our founder first tried making loans to the same people who are now the bulwark of the thousands of NGOs and little banks which offer micro credit. In 1975 our founder was laughed off of Wall Street for trying it. Along came Muhammad Yunus
and taught us all how to it right.And now - at last - we too are doing it right.We are even experimenting with minor advances on the core Graneen system: we have found a way to help extremely poor women gain acceptance as respected clients of High Street Banks. Arriba Ya

Ana Tere's Community Libraries (3 so far & counting)

Peru's population living outside cities & towns 42%, more than half of them do not get to school. One solution: take community libraries with a literacy teacher to each hamlet.

Loving Peru

Nicolas creciendo, pensamos en el futuro de nuestros nietos, sembrando para ellos un planeta verde y que ayudemos a todos los niños a salir adelante dandoles educación que es lo que nos hace grande y los de extrema pobreza que tenemos en nuestro pais puedes verlo en Loving Peru

Life is so much more productive when you already have a good plan.

I said to myself: "Decide early what you want to spend your time doing: what you want to accomplish. Make it something good - for others, preferably those unlikely to realize it without some collaboration - you collaborate".

Trans-America Trek reaches Trujillo (from Montreal)

From left: Iain (VP Bruce Peru, Jean-Francois (Trans Am Trek), Bruce (founder)

STREET KIDS - over 100 million of them. Update.

All alone a street kid has few positive options; so we befriend them, help them get educated: some do succeed. We know. Just ask GOOGLE to tell you " HOW TO EDUCATE STREET KIDS " and you will meet a fair few of ours in a number of countries
Here, this is for you - put it on your Desktop. That's where I discovered it, on mine. Must have been put there by one of my IT friends when he was servicing my PC. I am glad he did. And whenever you feel that you are not up to doing something, or for whatever reason you are just not good enough: click on this.

Another last chance - or a 7 day opportunity

Monday morning 4:53AM - In front of another week, a seven day opportunity to accomplish something important [actually writing this for myself, but you can read it]. Must do something each day to advance the bigger goals - don't let the day to day chores distract you from the priorities. Yes.

Divertamento - a little spice in life.

A little History, Geography, Current Events, economics, prejudice and a pinch of irony, stir lightly, waft through a hot wok and serve as a Majon Cartoon.

How Ana Tere converted an abandoned industrial sight into a lovely refuge

LIFE - What are you going to do about it?

Dear Friends, We are born, we die: the world blinks and goes on. Our current priorities evaporate when we go. I challenge you to stand all this on its head - from now on the only priority:

Remembering you while we are away

We spend more time in Peru than in any of the seven other countries where we have opened schools and social projects - so we do things to help us remember our children while we are away from them - like viewing videos if them..

Of liars and global warming deniers

So, if global warming deniers are just being selfish - because they see what's coming but pretend they don't so they will not have to do something about it. And secretly they are counting on man's ability to engineer his way out of trouble to get us out of this one too. But just suppose the person we are all depending on to design and invent, organise and lead us all out of the coming doom just happens to be one of these deniers